Welcome to Camorr!

A Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign

Loosely based on the Lies of Locke Lamora and Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch.

The Characters play members of a small gang of thieves and con men in the city of Camorr. Brought together by their mentor Chains as young men, the Gentleman Bastards will help their mentor perfect his new idea… The Long Con.

Want to learn more? How about some Slang. Or something about the Organizations of the city and their members?

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay(3e) is a good fit for this campaign as it offers a rich skill resolution system, social encounters, and a gritty combat system.

While very magic light, the lore of the books allows for the inclusion of Sorcery(Bondsmage), Priests(Including the Crooked Warden), Alchemy, and an ancient mysterious race called the Eldren to gain fantastic creatures, sites and items from.

I’ll be mining the books as well as the Old World of Warhammer for inspirations and ideas (You can rename the Warhammer god Ranald as the Crooked Warden and not need to do anything else to bring him across). The characters are all human, with 1 character being allowed to start as an initiate of the Crooked Warden.

I’ll be especially using the Old World regions of Tilea, Estalia and 1000 Islas of the Southern Seas with healthy doses from elsewhere.

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