Eulalio Ignazio

Shane's Faceman



Strength: 2
Toughness: 2 Wounds: 12
Agility: 3
Intelligence: 4
Willpower: 3
Fellowship: 4

Career 1: Agent

Charm: 1 [First Impression]
Discipline: 1
First Aid: 1
Folklore: 1 [Local Customs]
Guile: 1 [Con Games]
Intuition: 1
Observation: 1
Education : 0 [Accents]
Medicine: 1

Reputation: Notorious
Focus: Devious

Winning Smile
Honeyed Words

Default: C


Leo was born, Eulalio Ignazio to a Camp Follower/Hooker, and a soldier. Not sure which soldier since his mom was a whore, but it definitely could have been someone who was of high rank in the military . . . until they died.

Born to that couple. His father could be alive, or not. His mother raised him as best she could, following the soldiers around, working as she did. Some days she’d leave him with the camp barber/alchemist/dog-leach. (Weird combination right? Except that it was the barbers who were usually the medics and the only medics in the books were black alchemists or dog leaches

So, he’d hang out with the guy and watch, play with the hair, get yelled at a lot, until one day his mom didn’t come to pick him up. Turned out his mom had a rough client and she didn’t survive. The other prostitutes brought her in to the barber wrapped up, and he took her inside his tent and kicked Leo out. The dog-leach was in there with her for a time, but eventually he opened the tent flap and let the boy pay his respects.

While back in the tent, before dying, she gave the barber 2 things to give to Leo; A hat pin (doubles as a small punch dagger), and a bag of coins. The Barber was actually mostly honest. He kept the kid around but now he put him to work. Sweeping up the hair and selling it to mattress makers, and other places that would use hair. He had to haul water, mix powders and poultices, etc. until he grew up a bit.

By the time he was 8, he was able to cut hair, mix, chemicals, dyes, mix and apply makeup, wigs, powder wigs, etc. He also had a basic camp knowledge of medicine (stop the bleeding, sew stitches, etc.). Most of the chemicals he used in his makeups and poultices he could produce himself and prefers to, to this day.

At around age 10, the Barber left the camp and decided it was time to open up a small shop in Cammor. He took the boy with him and told him that he could stay working there as long as he wanted, but no sooner than the Barber opened his store, than a rougher element killed the Barber in his sleep.

With his ‘master’ dead, he was left alone to fend for himself. He found the bag of coins from his mom that the Barber had actually kept and some of the coins that the Barber hadn’t spent yet, and used those to survive, but the first time that rent was due, he was out on the street with just a couple of coins he’d stashed.

He tried begging on one of the closest street corners, but he was run off from those spots and many others by other guild members until he started to actually look more run down. His hair grew out, clothes became ratted and torn and dirty, and he started to look thinner. He started mimicking the postures and mannerisms of the other beggars and eventually was able to do a passable job of begging for money, but he was still scraping buy.

One day an older bully came by and asked him what he was doing? After no answer, he began shaking Leo down for any coin that he had left but found nothing but a small rind of cheese that he’d been saving. The Bully pushed him around and started calling him names until to survive he started answering to any names the Bully called him including Girl names To survive he became the bully’s bitch. He followed the bully around, waiting on him and doing whatever the bully wanted, but always with the fear that he’d do something wrong. While he was playing that role he actually learned a few things about charm and grace and false-facing. The bully fed him and kept him almost like a pet, but Leo learned to see himself in the role of a feminine personal slave. If he wasn’t playing that part, the Bully would kick his ass until he played that part so he learned to play it well. He even went so far as to don a dress, fix his hair, and put on makeup (all learned before) until he passed for the Bully’s girl. When it went that far, the Bully kicked him out afraid that he would get made fun of.

He was too old to go to (the graveyard) so he joined a gang working simple cons, basic stuff for a few years and got perty good.

That’s where Father Chains gets him. 16-17, A cast off, poor orphan who can change his appearance, mannerisms, voice, etc. to become who he needs to be to survive. He has basic dark pants, a belt, a light colored long sleeved shirt, and some fingerless gloves. He has a large thin dark colored shawl/scarf that he uses for quick-makeshift costumes and he also caries a small sack with basic costume/disguise stuff in it (hair clippings for quick scruffy beard/mustaches/bushy eyebrows, etc. glues for attaching the same, hair dies, rouges, eye chalks, etc.)
He still has the hair-pin that his mother gave him, and a few coins. Besides that he doesn’t have much.

He’s been with Father Chains a short time.

Eulalio Ignazio

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