Volitiva Amara

A Feisty redhead grifter. Was the Garrista of the Bad Apples until a con went bad.


Volitiva Amara was the garrista of the Bad Apples, a gang of grifters that worked the Shifting Market.

Volitiva is a striking 30 year old with a quick smile and eyes that can make men dance to her tune.

She saw Eulalio Ignazio speak in a half dozen accents in the space of half an hour and deicded to recruit him. She is responsible for training him in the the finer points of false-facing and the art of the grift.

Volitiva and her lieutenant Fidelis were arrested during a job, and have been guests in the Palace of Patience ever since. The Bad Apples did not survive the loss of their leaders.

Volitiva Amara

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