A Beginning Part 1
In which we finish our apprenticeship.

My childhood may be over, but that doesn’t mean playtime is.


“Tonight is interesting, my pezons, tonight is special…”

"Two hours ago I gave a chest to the garrista of the Slackwater Syndicate, they run numbers and protection Dockside, out of a tavern called the Fisherman’s Out. The box is well locked and I told them they get to keep whatever’s inside in exchange for promising not to kill you."

“At the moment, there is a bar of white iron inside worth about 500 crowns. I like the Slackwaters well enough, but the Father of Necessary Pretexts knows I don’t like them that much. So your task is simple. Replace the bar inside with this purse of 5 crowns.”

“Now things may be complicated by the fact that there is a large concentration of Skenti Root Gas inside the chest. Skenti Root also won’t kill you, but it will make you wish you were dead. The potency of the gas should fade by Midnight so you probably have until then to make the switch.”


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