Character Generation

Character generation for this game is going to offer a number of conditions. The Gentleman Bastards are a gang of thieves and con-men in the city of Camorr, and you have been brought together by your Garrista (The Leader of a Gang) Chains for a specific purpose. You have been taught a set of complimentary skills and this needs to be reflected. These conditions come in 4 types.

The first type is the Character Archetypes. This is your character in game terms: abilities, skills, careers, talents, tactics, reputations… I have a list of 10 choices. 3 of these are required, and the other 3 choices can be made freely so long as there are no repeats. My current plan is to give each player the chance to send me an ordered list of their top 3 choices, when I get all 6 lists, I’ll attempt to give everyone as high a choice as possible. The other option would be to allow you to choose as a group following the same pattern (3 required roles filled, 6 different roles selected).

The second type is the Character Backgrounds. This is a list of a dozen or more backgrounds that will offer both roleplaying and game mechanic hooks. Each player will get one of these, using 1 of the same selection methods as the archetypes. There are no required backgrounds, but there is a special condition on the Twin background in that 2 different characters need to have it, and each must put the name of the other player they want to do it with (just to ensure that anyone playing twins do so with the person they want).

The third type is the Character Secrets. Each player will get a (mostly) randomly assigned secret (There are a few secrets that favor certain backgrounds or archetypes). If that player chooses not to keep that one, he’ll get a random one from the unchosen selections. Repeat until there are no selections left for the picky player and he’ll be stuck with the last one. Secrets are things that the character knows but that no one else does.

The last type directly affects your role playing and characterization. the Gentleman Bastards were chosen, brought up and trained to be a brotherhood of the crooked warden. There is a level of trust, brotherhood and bonding between you that needs to be portrayed. Now there will be squabbles, disagreements, fights and blowups… But in the end you are in it for each other as much as your selves and the Gentleman Bastards comes first. Additionally, Chains is a priest of the Crooked Warden, and has brought you up in that faith.

Character Generation

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