The Twelve Gods

The Twelve Gods of Therin

Throughout the lands of the Old Therin Empire, the Twelves are worshipped. The smallest hamlets will have a few shrines, towns will have a single temple with chapels dedicated to each gods, while in the cities each god will have his own temple.

There are 13 or more gods, though only twelve of them are officially recognized.

  • Iono, Lord of the Grasping Waters, Stormbringer
  • Aza Guilla, Lady of the Long Silence, the Lady Most Kind
  • Gandolo, Father of Opportunities, Lord of Coin and Commerce
  • Morgante, the City Father, Lord of Noose and Trowel
  • Sendovani, unknown
  • Nara, Plague Mistress, Lady of Ubiquitous Maladies
  • Dama Elliza, unknown
  • Azri, unknown
  • Callo Androno, Eyes-on-the-Crossroads, god of travel, languages and lore.
  • Perelandro, Father of Mercies, Lord of the Overlooked
  • Nameless Thirteenth, Crooked Warden, the Theifwatcher, the Benefactor, Father of Necessary pretexts

The Twelve Gods

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